Going down the dusty road

Off the tarmac road that connected thousands of people in and out of the city,led an old filled Dusty road to a place with people of all kinds.The place seemed to have never had a rainy cloud in years!On the sides of the dusty road were old shops that the sellers made them look appealing to the eyes of their buyers with the cheap goods they sold but at closing hours it all looked the same as the old Dusty road.The place was filled with students who went to school at a public university close by;five minutes drive away.

Women and men all walking in the hot sun to fight thier ways into redemption;a good life they really wished to have.Young men and women confused with the modern world and all they had to do was flock movie shops,idle the whole day and talk nothing important about their miserable lives.

Poor men and women lashing at the top of their voices with no realistic reason while some go on to ask people money for their cheap lunches at the road side small;almost falling places to eat with big signs on them “HOTEL”which their foods were literally filled with dust; but anyway who cared,they had to kick into life as it came.The place was filled with warm rusty smelly air but it was all normal to thier residents.

Political leaders who bribed themselves into government offices never held up their jobs to fight the miserable life of that place..All they did was to chill out at their homes and use up all the money that government ever located to the place.Dirty water from the broken sewages ran just right on the road while the barefooted ones just walked into it without precautions.We say only the Lord protects His people from everything. People lived in really bad houses made of iron sheets and still had to pay for it.No water ran in the pipes of their houses for at least two days only the expensive rental houses had water for a week quite so but anyway no difference ;the water was never safe,the foods never clean,the crowding was intense,

All because of the dust on the ground and air.

All because life there was affordable for poor people.

All because people never had any other option .

Life could not be just simple there!

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