Intoxication of my mind and less of the frantic moments cleared me to a new..
A new and better warning that i was set free and none had to make my heart bleed and bitter anymore..
At every dawning of the morning,I wake up with a smile.
As I lay down on my bed at night
I take a deep breathe,one hand on top of the other as I contemplate in my sleep.
Wonderous thoughts that make me feel alive and special..
I am no longer with any worries
My dignity restored.

Times may became sweet and sour at the same time,
Weather changing to cold,
Less tender moments with a company,
Ugly nghtmares instead of beautiful dreams,
I try to pull myself all together; I become more stable..

Raging insults the calm
Contorts the reality
Punishes the just and leaves nothing but sorrow.
In absence of peace
Hearts are never at ease
Blood over water
Frowns on faces
Raging has no meaning
Fights ever frightening
Cries with no ending

Rage should never mean a thing …

In the brightest of your heart, is a happy face
Face filled with nothing but joy
You were strong
You survived every battle you had
No more emptiness ,
And once they see you again,
They will see you as a risen tide,strong and mighty.

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