Series · short story

Facing the Moon

Leon promised to check on the cake as I walked out, with a promising smile, that his apologies would work this time.

I stood out of my/ our little cottage since we both had invested our savings on it. Although I remember contributing more than him.

I remember it being a very cold night, and the wind was blowing calmly through my face as the crickets sounded so loud around me.

I watched the moon disappear and reappear in the clouds as I kept on rekindling some moments in my other cottage.

For a moment I thought the clouds were moving with fear for the master of the night had arrived. They were fading far and away.

Little stars were twinkling just above the moon, reminding me of his bright eyes when we first met.

He was so human, so kind and he just sat there like a beautiful log, too easy to lift and harmless not to hurt a toe. He was, he still is capable of changing quarrels into laughter.

I faced the moon as though I wanted to converse with it a few things..maybe one or two about my life and Leon’s, maybe.

I wanted to ask the moon if I could get my best friend back. I did not, Rather, I walked back in and found him setting the cake on the rack to cool off.

He is that one good cook even though I never let him bake because his cakes just turned out too perfect for this world.

“Leon, did I ask you to take it out? You have to stop being nice. “
“Its nothing, I have to be, our baby needs this.”

My baby? Our baby?

Hadn’t expected him to say so soon even though it had just been a week. I wanted to ask him not to get too excited but instead, I uttered,

“Yes, it does”.

I walked past him smirking, straight to the bedroom where I reached for my dairy and started off with,

“Been a while darling, today would be different, I promise.”

The rest of the story will be up same day next week. stay safe loves.
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