Series · short story

Facing the moon Prt2.

*****Read part one Here *****

The railroad tracks just a few metres from the house clanged loudly as the old train slowly and steadily moved on them. It was no passenger train for I had never seen any soul on it. It was one old container train.

Mianga wasn’t so far from our small getaway house. That’s exactly where the train led.

We would have gone hiking at sang’alo hills, the monkey hills as the residents call it but the downpour from prolonged through the day. Leone and I were stuck in the house, warming ourselves with hot tea with just the good amount of milk.

We don’t have a fireplace so we just sat at the two-seater sofa with coverings on our feet. The sofa was nothing compared to what I was used to in my compartment back in Remwa, my second home, where I would stretch out freely, even doze off on it till morning.

Leone preferred it, insisting that we wouldn’t need much space between us,(I will be stretching my legs on top of his if I ever felt so.)

Pascal new track played in the background as we tried to get through a thriller series that gave me chills all the time. I enjoyed it only because my favourite artist from a boy band played the main character. Otherwise, I’d be cracking up at njugush ‘s hilarious jokes that only the sharp ones would get. Just loved the fact that not only is he a funny guy but he is a family man. I adore his family as much, more so his little cute boy who is cracking me up already with the way he talks and how he emulates how his parents talking. was afew minutes away and I had just had enough to drink,my belly demanded food. I got up, kissed him on the cheek and announced that it was going to make us lunch.

“Sit , allow me to do it,”

He lead me back to the couch with his hands on my shoulders.

“Let me, its just lunch.”

“No, let me help, I have to.”

It had been a say since he said: “our baby” out loud. So calmy and loving. I still had second thoughts if he really was proud to be a papa soon.. I really questioned that.

°°°Until the Next episode guys. 😍how are you finding the story so far?

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