Kenya Is a story.

The greatest reason I Love Kenya is that we all love to be in the spotlight. Casting good vibes and ever alert!

Yes,that may not apply to all sectors as some may think, but that shouldn’t be the narrative.

Kenya is purely rich with creatives.We birth powerful and talented voices each day.We sing out our names with much pride and loving, and that’s enough to me.

We are all United by stories crafted by creatives who go through unimaginable situations just to bring to light all the amazing stories. We dearly appreciate them!!

Stories turn strangers into unforgettable friends,We learn by some and live truthfully to what our peers write.

Stories of Hope keep the fire burning in us!Stories of losses do break us but we rise back again,heads up to rewrite the sorrows into unmeasured happiness! Stories of Love teach us to Love and love without any limit for tommorow ain’t promised,we live by it today!

Kenya is story itself.I always believe everyone has a story to tell and we can all write out our wrongs. We live by amazing publications from the likes of Ngugi Wa Thiong’o ,Meja Mwangi,Margaret Ogola and many others to our recent ones like Wanjiru Koinange who have crafted stories that move masses and masses beyond the country itself.

I love,actually I appreciate the fact that we lift each other with our own stories,it’s only a few glitches here and there that make our creatives loose heart of making other stories but I am hopeful all will be well with time.

I love raising the question, ” Do Kenyans really read?” Then answer myself that deep down we are the stories, we read them every day in our interactions and in our personal spaces.As I said,Kenya is a story itself,and I would wish to write about this story one day.

“But what’s the use if we don’t support these creatives who’ve soildered up to write?” Yes that’s a question I know you have in mind,

I’ll answer with this, Reading will be made easier only if we go easy on the readers. Give them new voices,new challenges and also stand for what’s best for your craft.

New voices!!

Kenya wants more,let’s support the little ones into the spotlight as well. Let us make a campaign that peacefully raises voices of the unabled.Talents are lying to waste.

That gets me back to my first statement, Kenyans love being in the spotlight but some forget that the light is supposed to be shared and let those in the darkness marvel too.

We should support each other!creatives should support each other,that’s the only way we’ll get to be the most reading country earth has ever known.

Kenyan is a story,let’s make sure its a story to the other nations and not just any story but that of sharing the light together.

Let’s be Kind.

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