A man who is not a man by Thando Mgqolozaza – book Review

Rating: 3/5⭐⭐⭐Yes, The title got me intrigued!The story’s onset is set in the late 90s where this young South African boy has to get set for his transition into an adult/ man through the traditional rite of passage..we call it.The first paragraph blew me off, not to lie and the whole chapter was like no other book I’ve read before on such a topic.The author was very raw with his words and description. I was moved to chapter two and on and on.You could feel the pain,anger, love, frustration and joy vividly just by his words.Our main character,Lumkile,a boy getting to be a man falls into a painful tragedy that leaves him questioning himself if he is truly a man or the traditional ways of his people have just become too risky and that no-one really does it as per how their forefathers used to do it.There’s always another side of the coin..A silver lining..Despite his unpleasant behaviour as a boy living with a single parent, his father, his mother saves him.He reforms and moves out of that treachery town of misbehaviour to a conducive Place. He finds love and its such a beautiful feeling to both the reader and him.As I said, his manhood goes down a dark road. The mountain changes him.

This book Moved me, questioned me and I could not put it down. I Read it within a day.

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