Weapon of Hunger By Meja Mwangi -Book Review


Weapon of Hunger , as the title suggests, Is a story about how drought has ravaged some parts of Africa, and the routes to facilitate the food supplies & aid have been invaded by all sorts of corrupt people.

Jack Rivers, An American singer,after seeing what was happening , heads on to conduct a donation towards the aid of the people affected. He drops his career and invests everything he’s got to save the people in need.

What I love about this book is that Meja has highlighted most of the issues that affect the today’s society.
In Africa in General.

Government officials that had been trusted to supply the food do not accomplish their tasks and the supplies donated do not reach the affected areas as quick because the routes have been invaded with hostile groups that will not allow passage, came rain come sunshine.
Jack rivers, all determined and brave sets a convoy of lorries full of food supplies, blankets and other necessities.

He has no idea what he is getting himself into.

Some lorries he rented were corrupted that at the middle of the treacherous ride, they get stopped by the officer, who claims them and arrests some drivers.


The book is disturbing in a way that you feel so sad about how people can be heartless.Children are dying of hunger yet everyone else is hungry for power.

What I also loved the MOST is that he gave a LADY character the most amazing role . His other book, The last plague also has a female character with such resilience.

She has the courage of the lion, she is in one of the few communities that have made it to fight the rebellious men on the passage routes.
She is the only woman in the group of fighters and is their leader! And damn!I loved her.
Her community serves as a sanctuary for those in need and the worst happens to it when the enemies find out about it.

This is a very important book to be read.This is not like the other Meja Mwangi book you’ve read or will read, atleast.

The ending broke me. I wanted more!
Dear Meja, if you ever read this one day, just know you’re the GREATEST.

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