I hope you listen today,

Just this once.

The pain, the ambition, the guilt,

Builds up like a fire mountain.

The thirst, the need, the doubt,

Dominates my body like a plague.
Moving on won’t do any good,

Suppressing my dreams won’t clear a thing,

Erasing my mind won’t bring the old body back.

Just this once.

I do not need the sound of your voice,

I want your spirits lingering on here,

I want you to be here and here all through.

Just this once,

Like a little bird,

Reckless and all hoping to fly away soon,

I want to learn.

I want to get back to my feet and take flight.

I want to charge my little energies for the Slightest happiness out there.

I want to stay hopeful that the winds won’t blow me away.

I want to think of the air alone as I flap my little wings,

Be in my own little happy space.

I want to be as free,

Like a little bird.
I hope you realise,

That once I take off that will be it,

No matter how many times I hit the ground,

No matter how many times I loose my breathe,

I will get up and dust off ,

Wear a face like happiness spelt out ,

And move on,

Fly off,

Till I find my balance.
And that is when ,

You will talk. And not to me,

Tell them how it felt to be a person,

How it really meant to be a person of love.

How it made you feel whole and loved,

Like nothing worried you.

Tell them how and why it meant the world to you,

Until you crashed it,

Make note of how it made you feel,

How it was effortless,

And easy,

To love me.

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