It did happen.

Dear diary,

It happened again . For the fifth time and this was the awakening I was waiting for. Yes, as I had exactly shared yesterday, it did happen.

My eyes, kept gazing through it all, my ears drew no sound and my heart felt no lesser than cold. I knew it was all for the better good but still, my head was out of it.

Through my gaze I could see them, happy and fond of each other. Like perfectly folded pages of a book.

Whatever was going on, had me engrossed. Yes I was there through it all to see for myself. It was rather hopelessness for a lost heart.

I wore my favourite flower set from head to heals, I looked bright like the “sunshine” , I was there, as honest as any soul could be.

Dear diary, they did it again. With no judgement . The perfect faces had it perfect and I was there, to claim the moment,

a moment I will never have.

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